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Alternative and innovative solutions for customers and different sectors.


The components we designed and built are intended to serve a wide range of users that can be divided into three categories: artisans, laboratory and big industry.

For the artisans we carry out works with a high degree of manual skills for the execution of unique pieces.

For the laboratories, dedicated equipment is created with finishes that reflect the highest quality standards.

For the big industries, pieces are produced with custom molds for medium and large series.


Stainless steel is among the most present materials in the technologies aimed at the pharmaceutical, herbal, food and brewing sectors.

Through the use of this material, the Company has created a range of solutions for raw material processing processes.

Each project is studied paying attention to functionality, efficiency and the soundness of the individual components. This applies to all equipment and machinery created for the sector PHARMACEUTICAL, HERBAL, FOOD e BREWER.